Contract Specification (RSS3)

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Date of Listing May 28, 2004
Underlying Product Natural Rubber Ribbed Smoked Sheet No.3 (RSS No.3)
Deliverable Grade RSS No.3 as per the International Rubber Quality and Packing Conference or "The Green Book". The buyer may specify deliverable grade in accordance with the house term from major tyre manufacturers.
Trading Unit 5,000 Kg. or 5 metric tonnes / one trading unit.
Delivery Unit 20,000 Kg. or 20 metric tonnes / one delivery unit.
Trading Method Computerized Continuous Trading
Quotation THB/Kg.
Minimum price Fluctuation 0.05 THB/Kg.
Daily Price Fluctuation Limit 3.40 THB/Kg. (effective on April24,2014)
  • (The AFET may change the amount of price limit according to the range of Reference Notional Value)
  • Latest Rate
Speculative Position Limit (for all long/short position combined) 1st contract month : Not greater than 200 contracts
2nd contract month : Not greater than 600 contracts
all contract months combined : Not greater than 3000 contracts
Hedger limit is set at 500 contracts for 1st contract month. An extension of the limit may be granted by the exchange upon request.
Initial Customer Margin Latest Rate
Trading Hours 10.00 to 15.45
Contract Months Seven consecutive months from the nearest contract month
Last Trading Day The third business day prior to the first business day of the delivery month
Last Delivery Day The last business day of the delivery month
Delivery Terms and Conditions Buyer's Option including:
  • FOB Bangkok or FOB Leam Chabang (PAR)
  • Designted warehouse or factory (Discount)